53% Protein Multipower Bars

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Calling all gym junkies and sports athletes..

If you're protein mad and in need of a sweet recovery kick, these bars are for you!

Coconut, Yoghurt & Berry, Chocolate and Cookies & Cream

These 4 extremely yummy new flavours belong to multipowers 53% protein bars.
I was lucky enough to be sent these four fabulous flavours of multipowers new protein bars and quite frankly they're just great.
Once you get past the general, but not unpleasant, sticky protein bar chewiness, the flavours instantly hit your tastebuds like an explosion of yumminess.

My personal favourite was the cookies and cream but generally as a whole, all of the flavours are great.
The team at multi power are wonderful so as expected everything from our first contact to actually eating the product was fantastic.
I would wholeheartedly recommend these to anyone after a good protein kick pre or post training, especially if you like the aforementioned flavours.

I had half a bar straight after my workout and saved the other half for my post-training feed as a nice dessert finisher.

*I have uploaded a photo of the nutritional info just to verify what exactly you'll be getting.. if you were wondering..

I guarantee you'll love them!

Benito Brow Bar Bloggers Event

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Brow Bliss!

I, like most girls, love a bit of a pamper session.
There's a fab feeling you get when you wake up in the morning with good eyebrows, nice healthy hair and eyelashes that are curling the right way.
In general, I really struggle with my eyebrows because I have been cursed with uneven eyebrows  which vary in different shades of ginger, brown and blonde.. I often look like I've been on a sports tour and someone has taken a razor to my eyebrows, so naturally when I was invited to the Benito Brow Bar bloggers event, I jumped at the chance to go!

I was in correspondence with a lovely representative from Benito Newcastle who very kindly allowed me to bring a plus one which was just fantastic because like myself, my friend also struggled with daily brow glamour.

On arrival we were given a brief talk about the company and were swiftly offered a lovely glass of prosecco and chocolate orange cupcakes.
As expected, they both went down well.
Next, it was treatment time (Yay)!
We both chose to have our eyebrows threaded.
The service was fantastic, and I felt, virtually pain free, which is great considering threading treatments I've had in the past at different venues had been somewhat tearful.
The threading was done so quickly that I barely felt anything, and the sheer fact that I was asked what shape I wanted was an added bonus.
It had been the first time I had ever been asked what shape I wanted my eyebrows before threading and the outcome was amazing.
The threading was done using aloe vera laced thread as to make the process more comfortable for the customer.
The extra application of aloe vera gel at the end meant that my eyebrows were comfortable and the redness was kept to a minimum which meant walking back through the city centre wasn't a worry.

Personally, I would highly recommend Benito Brow Bar as a service for eyebrow threading. I loved it that much I re-booked myself in for another service as well as the Dramatic eyelashes before a party I have coming up at the end of this month!

Another great little tip of the month: Currently treatments are half price throughout the month of September so get yourselves booked in quick for a fab dose of pamper magic with the wonderful staff!

Thanks again Benito for a wonderful event! 

Tenerife; Puerto De La Cruz

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife.

Whenever I visit a new country, the first thing; which I personally think is etiquette for any holiday, is to learn a few words of that countries language. - hello, thank you, please and goodbye as a minimum!

Luckily for me, I have visited Spain and The Canary islands before so I had a basic understanding of Spanish words. I think locals are more willing to treat you with respect if you attempt to speak their own language. - I took the time to make the below image for anyone wanting to learn a bit of Spanish!

We arrived in Puerto Del Cruz, which happens to be on the North side of the island, quite late in the evening and were greeted by a very welcoming lovely concierge. Considering it was about 11pm, it was still super warm which was just great. 
I love the sun, so with the prospect of a whole weeks worth of tanning ahead of me, I was naturally very happy. 

Our first day consisted of exploring. We walked down to the black sand beaches and found a wonderful restaurant to eat at. 
FYI - tenerife is SO cheap compared to the usual high English prices so you'll get heaps for your money over here. 
The loveliest thing about this holiday was that we weren't in a particularly tourist area so we really got to indulge in the true Canarian culture.

It was around 28 degrees celsius every day which was perfect as there was a constant slight breeze so it meant we didn't overheat when we were tanning by the pool.

On the fourth day we headed up Mount Tiede which is the huge volcano on the island.
We took the gondola up, which for me was extremely scary as I hate heights.. and of course, I kept my eyes closed the whole way up! 
We reached around 11,000ft and the view was spectacular! 
I would highly recommend anyone visiting Tenerife to go up the volcano. 
We bought lunch and a bottle of wine with us and dined whilst we sat baking in the sun above the clouds.

Being a sporty person, I naturally wanted to take advantage of the sports available at the hotel, and so we signed ourselves up for lawn bowls.
I used to play lawn bowls as a child with my grandma; who was exceptionally good, but we were also  on holiday with a lawn bowler so it was a great day that was had by all!

Every day we ate out and really tried to look for authentic Canarian restaurants.
The day of our lawn bowls competition, my boyfriend and I wanted to get some tapas.
We found the most amazing place, and stuffed our faces. 
I also experienced my first banana daiquiri which was so alcoholic but tasted amazing! - the locals are not afraid of using up their alcohol so you would only need few to get on your merry way!
We finished the day off by walking along the rocks and taking in the the landscape. 

The day before we left we decided to look for some local excursions.
With horse riding and quad biking in mind, we booked with Mamio Verde Adventures, which meant a full day in the mountains forest doing both activities. - It's safe to say it was a good leg workout!
We were picked up from our hotel and ferried up the mountain side to a yard full of gorgeous Andalusian horses. 
I am an experienced rider but I did find it slightly uncomfortable as we were treking up gradients which we would struggle to walk up as people, let alone a horse with me on its back! - despite my worries of falling or slipping off the mountain, we (my boyfriend and I) had a lovely time. 
Next, we quad biked! 
We sped through the forest in the mountain over rocky terrain.
I am a thrill seeker, and having not really quad biked before, it was just fab. 

Our last day was a sad one.
We all had such a fantastic holiday, none of us really wanted to leave.
Tenerife absolutely exceeded my expectations and I will 100% return.


Friday, 10 June 2016

My favourite shop for bespoke jewellery and wonderful gifts.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful talented people on a daily basis.
One of my wonderful talented friends set up a business making and selling jewellery.
She has recently expanded from selling online to setting up a gorgeous shop in my home town.

If you are a lover of fine jewellery and wonderful natural, fair trade and gorgeous gifts, it is not to be missed!
The decor of the shop is something to be admired, the layout is simply superb and the jewellery is second to none. 
I personally own a collection of both bespoke and collection jewellery available, and I am in love.
The other gifts available are mostly natural based gifts, many from fair trade sources such as Nkuku, alongside gorgeous gifts for him and her, ranging from candles, homeware and scarfs.

The display is one of individual works of art sold in the form of jewellery, but it is the care and quality put into each épanoui item that is really something every person buying a piece of jewellery should be looking for. 
Everything is handmade, as well as there being a brand new collection of scarfs in the store which are to die for!

I cannot recommend this brand enough.
The other items in store are carefully picked to suit the stores class and elegance.
Everything in store is perfect for all types of occasions, and they really do make perfect gifts for the most loved in your lives.

If you are ever in the Bedford area, it is definitely worth a look in, and if you prefer to order online, I will leave a hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

My favourite items:

Link: Épanoui
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