A Little Motivation Goes A Long Way..

Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Motivation Mojo

Everyone wants to look good in the gym, but we all know that it takes a great deal of motivation just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone to actually go for a run or to the gym.

Personally, the have found a sanctuary in the gym. I go when I'm sad, emotional, angry or just fed-up. I enjoy going to the gym when I'm happy too because it helps me focus and if I have a lot on my mind, it calms me nicely so I can chill in the evenings when I'm enjoying some down time.

For me, seeing progress is what keeps me going. This is where my favourite little gadget comes in.

My Fitbit:
I have the Fitbit Charge HR in Plum and I love it. Ive only got small wrists so the small fits me nicely.
I use it on a day to day basis to check my sleep pattern, calorie counts and steps walked. It had a load of other funky things on it too but realistically those are the only ones I am worried about. It spurs me on to get the best result for each day and if I can see that my calorie count is lower than usual, I will consciously eat healthier. My brain puts a big block on my desire for chocolate which is great. The same way as if I see my steps are lower than usual, I'll want to go to the gym. Every little motivational trick helps. I would seriously recommend a Fitbit to anyone, even if you download the app on your phone, that works just as well!

My other favourite motivational items are my tops.

Lorna Jane:
One of my all time favourite brands. I buy all of my stuff when I'm in Australia. The brand makes really cute gym wear like the one on the right hand side of the photo, "I run for me". I just love it, I feel great wearing them because I see people reading my tops and I can see the brains ticking as they read it. I like to think I'm encouraging others to make a change too by wearing them, after all, its nice to know you make a difference, even in the smallest ways. I am a huge fan of leading a healthy life and I'm a self confessed exercise freak. Check out the stuff, you'll love it. - and the sales are so good so keep an eye out.

One of the nations most loved brands; and mine. I am guilty of being a Nike lover. One of my best friends bought me this top for my birthday and its so flattering and comfy. They always make really nice gym wear. I am a big supporter of bargains so I am the first to hit the sales whenever Nike have one on I am always there!

Online Exclusive Gym Vests:
You can find some really amazing stuff online. Another of my best friends and fellow blogger Amy Gatenby bought me the vest in the middle. (Yes, my friends know me too well!) I am a weightlifter so I suppose I do feel like a bit of a beast when I'm in the gym, but it all helps towards looking like a beauty in the end. Anything with a motivational quote on it always inspires me to get better, be bigger and be a nicer person because everyone needs a push sometimes.

No matter where you find your motivation, keep it and use it.

My Travel Journal

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Welcome to the world of written memories, scribbles and note jotting!

I have been going on holidays for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough when I was younger that my family had friends and relatives all over the world so naturally we followed them around which meant I was able to experience some amazing places and gain an understanding of different cultures at a really young age. 

These sorts of experiences shaped who I am and gave me a real sense of appreciation that I was extremely lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends, and with that, opportunities that not everyone had. It made me realise that outside of my comfy little english bubble, there were real people with real struggles and some unexplainable natural wonders that I just HAD to explore. 

Hello wanderlust. 

For my 21st birthday a friend of mine bought me a travel journal. 

Before then, I had never really thought about writing down my travel experiences and instead, lived by taking photos and remembering and reliving memories that way. Photos are great but realistically if my iPhone was to be stolen or had a freak accident, I would've lost them all! - That thought scared me.

Recently, whilst on my travels around Australia I realised that there were so many things that I could easily forget simply because a) my phone doesn't go underwater and, b) phones get really hot in the Aussie heat so leaving it in the car while we swam in the sea seemed like a better option, so remembering my little book at home, I made a promise to myself to write.

Upon my return, I took a pew and started. I realised that all the little quirky jokes told over a drink on the beach and the incredible occasions where photos just couldn't quite capture the magic, could all be explained in my own little way in a book, and I could remember them forever.

I was never one of these kids who wrote in a diary or in annuals but I've really taken to this and found a love of writing through it. 

My wonderful world of wanderlust and all of my adventures are all contained in my lovely little leather journal.

It's not for everyone, but if you're an avid traveller like me, give it a go! - you might find a new passion.

Good Luck Travellers x

A Gym Girls Secret To Perfect Eyeliner.. even after a workout!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Gym Bunnies Hussle Up.. Lets Talk Make-up 

Sweat and Make-up do not usually go hand in hand, we all know that, but I've got a secret which will save you the trouble of worrying. I promise, its worth a read!!

Im sorry to say it girls, but I am not one for taking off all of my makeup before going to the gym. Often my gym schedule fits in around University lectures or after a long day out somewhere or working so generally its down to lack of time that I don't take it off.

Don't get me wrong though, on a day to day basis, I only really wear eyeliner, mascara and a bit of eyebrow shaper so there wouldn't be much to come off anyway! - but, every gym girl knows the disappointment and annoyance of having perfect eyeliner and it running down your face after a heavy sweatathon in the gym.

BUT WAIT.. this is where my secret of perfect eyeliner pre and post gym comes in. SEVENTEEN's Tattoo me, semi permanent eye-liner comes in 2 colours. I personally prefer the plain black, but both are amazing. 

The 48-hour wear really does stick to its guarantee, its waterproof so if you're a swimmer, its great because water doesn't affect it. If you're a runner/gym go-er, it doesn't run down your face, and if you've gotta be up at a horrific hour in the morning, you can leave it on overnight and it will only need a slight touch up in the morning and will save you HEAPS of time! 

Personally, its my life saver. I have a lot of early mornings and gym or train at least 6 times a week so for me it saves me so much time and still looks great even when my face resembles a beetroot.

So lets talk price, because realistically good items rarely come cheaply. 
Lucky for us however, this one is one of the rarities that is very modestly priced. Usually at a grand total of £4.99, the little gem will last up to 3 months! - you would be silly not to try it.

You can find this eyeliner in Boots and any other stores which stock SEVENTEEN.

So there you have it, my perfect post-gym eyeliner secret! 

My daily eyeliner shape:
- thin with a flick (the brush makes it super easy to apply a flick to the end of a perfect line over your eye!)

*Heads up: Boots usually have great offers on make-up so keep an eye out! - I bought 3 for the price of two and then had enough points on my card to pay for one of them anyway. A definite YAY moment for me!

The Eagerly Awaited Birchbox; January Pinterest Box!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Well we all love a little surprise through our post box once in a while..

So why not treat yourself to a Birchbox? 

I was always one of those people who wanted to try a subscription but living on a student budget never really allowed it.. until I found a cheeky little subscription deal online. So, I did what any normal person would do if it was coming up to their birthday and I treated myself.. Because why not.

So how does Birchbox work? 

Well, after paying and signing up, there's a few boxes to tick and preferences to chose but after that it's pretty much a monthly game of pass the parcel.. But obviously it always lands on me! 

It's essentially a little bundle of makeup and goodies in a cute bag and box with a few added extras, which keeps a little smile on my face and makes me a little happier! (Especially around exam and assignment season!) - they even send you an email update telling you your box is on its way!! 

If make up's your thing then definitely check it out. There's the option of ticking what interests you too when you sign up so you may be lucky and get some fab fitness, homeware or yummy stuff in there too! 

I love the anticipation and excitement of getting these in the post. It's like a year long happy birthday to me from me pressie! How wonderful.

Just to make you all want one even more, I thought I would let you know what I got:

1. Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin (Makeup remover mini)
2. Cute Birchbox mirror - because well who doesn't need a handy little travel mirror? 
3. The lash supercharger - Benefit, They're real tinted primer (Lash primer, Brown mini)
4. The hair multi-tasker - beauty protector. Protect & Detangle (Leave in conditioner mini) 
5. The shower invigorator. Rituals T'ai chi foaming shower gel (mini)
6. The foolproof liner. Eyeko fat liquid liner  in black. (Full size)

*Stayed tuned for more about Birchbox in the coming months!*

1. BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (July 2015)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

 BUDAPEST, Aria Hotel.
Clean, Beautiful, Romantic and full of culture.

Well, wasn't this a little surprise.  I decided that since my boyfriend had practically been everywhere with his job, why not choose a cute little city break for his birthday?  - having not read much about Hungary or Budapest as a place, the weather was incredible!

41 degrees celsius was the maximum on our weekend away. Never mind the heat, the hotel.. WOW. We were both utterly gobsmacked by the hotel. I mean just look at it! I had booked what I thought was a little hotel out of the way which was relatively new so I managed to get a VERY good price for the weekend. It was absolutely amazing. The decor left nothing to the imagination, everything was just perfect and looked exactly as it did on! (a surprise as usually they don't..), but what I had actually booked was a majestic hotel which boasted central location, a spa which we could all use, cheese and wine reception every night, gorgeous breakfast and a gratefully received upgrade as, after all, it was his birthday weekend.

I am a coffee addict. I won't even deny it, so having a Nespresso machine in our room was a definite plus. For him however, the fact we had a pop up flat screen coming out of our fireplace was enough to occupy him for a few minutes while I scoffed a bit of his cake and indulged in a well deserved coffee.

The balcony view in the morning was enough to put a smile on anyones face! This vague quick snapped photo is all that is needed to show the beauty in my opinion.

This balcony led up to its rooftop bar!

This is just one of many photos we took up here. We spent every night, cocktail in hand; they make amazing aperol spritz and bloody mary's fyi, overlooking one of the most magnificent views of the city.

The Aria hotel really did go above and beyond and I wholeheartedly would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

A sorbet FLOWER! Obviously one of these was eaten everyday. This flavour was lime, coconut and strawberry. I tried them all.

This little beauty kept me going in the heat. I'm part Scottish and I live in the North East of England so it takes a while for me to adjust to heat.

It was clear by this point that the hotel wasn't the only amazing thing that was to be explored in this city.

Cheese and wine reception went down well too.

I took this photo whilst spinning around trying to get all aspects of the view involved in my camera roll.

This by far is one of the best, and the seats were super comfy too!

*warning* If scared of heights, don't go to close to the edge.. it makes palms sweaty and legs shake.

Jewish Quarter, the place to be when in need of a good shop! - you can't see it in the photo but directly behind me is a view like no other. Rolling hills full of greenery encased by a city landscape.

On the way to the spa! Gelert spas are the way to go. Couples massage, followed by a full day in the spa and due to the great exchange rate, none of it was too expensive. 
Fantastic news for us students!
*The exchange rate is scary. You give over £20 and they give you 8,200 forints! Don't get carried away, money here is easily spent.*

 Our walk to St.Margarets Island was one of a thousand tales. It was 40 degrees, we had already climbed to the top of the citadel and walked past the Gelert spas. Craving another day in the water out of the heat, we powered on. A half an hour walk from the city was all it took us. No maps, just heading in a straight direction, walking past some of the most beautiful architecture I've seen in a long time.

The waterfall ahead of us had its own bit to dip your feet! How wonderful. I didn't even mind being splashed by the frolicking children nearby. If you're ever in need of some food here, go get a crepe. They're unbelievably good.

Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to go back. However, my wanderlust adventure continues!
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