1. BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (July 2015)

 BUDAPEST, Aria Hotel.
Clean, Beautiful, Romantic and full of culture.

Well, wasn't this a little surprise.  I decided that since my boyfriend had practically been everywhere with his job, why not choose a cute little city break for his birthday?  - having not read much about Hungary or Budapest as a place, the weather was incredible!

41 degrees celsius was the maximum on our weekend away. Never mind the heat, the hotel.. WOW. We were both utterly gobsmacked by the hotel. I mean just look at it! I had booked what I thought was a little hotel out of the way which was relatively new so I managed to get a VERY good price for the weekend. It was absolutely amazing. The decor left nothing to the imagination, everything was just perfect and looked exactly as it did on! (a surprise as usually they don't..), but what I had actually booked was a majestic hotel which boasted central location, a spa which we could all use, cheese and wine reception every night, gorgeous breakfast and a gratefully received upgrade as, after all, it was his birthday weekend.

I am a coffee addict. I won't even deny it, so having a Nespresso machine in our room was a definite plus. For him however, the fact we had a pop up flat screen coming out of our fireplace was enough to occupy him for a few minutes while I scoffed a bit of his cake and indulged in a well deserved coffee.

The balcony view in the morning was enough to put a smile on anyones face! This vague quick snapped photo is all that is needed to show the beauty in my opinion.

This balcony led up to its rooftop bar!

This is just one of many photos we took up here. We spent every night, cocktail in hand; they make amazing aperol spritz and bloody mary's fyi, overlooking one of the most magnificent views of the city.

The Aria hotel really did go above and beyond and I wholeheartedly would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

A sorbet FLOWER! Obviously one of these was eaten everyday. This flavour was lime, coconut and strawberry. I tried them all.

This little beauty kept me going in the heat. I'm part Scottish and I live in the North East of England so it takes a while for me to adjust to heat.

It was clear by this point that the hotel wasn't the only amazing thing that was to be explored in this city.

Cheese and wine reception went down well too.

I took this photo whilst spinning around trying to get all aspects of the view involved in my camera roll.

This by far is one of the best, and the seats were super comfy too!

*warning* If scared of heights, don't go to close to the edge.. it makes palms sweaty and legs shake.

Jewish Quarter, the place to be when in need of a good shop! - you can't see it in the photo but directly behind me is a view like no other. Rolling hills full of greenery encased by a city landscape.

On the way to the spa! Gelert spas are the way to go. Couples massage, followed by a full day in the spa and due to the great exchange rate, none of it was too expensive. 
Fantastic news for us students!
*The exchange rate is scary. You give over £20 and they give you 8,200 forints! Don't get carried away, money here is easily spent.*

 Our walk to St.Margarets Island was one of a thousand tales. It was 40 degrees, we had already climbed to the top of the citadel and walked past the Gelert spas. Craving another day in the water out of the heat, we powered on. A half an hour walk from the city was all it took us. No maps, just heading in a straight direction, walking past some of the most beautiful architecture I've seen in a long time.

The waterfall ahead of us had its own bit to dip your feet! How wonderful. I didn't even mind being splashed by the frolicking children nearby. If you're ever in need of some food here, go get a crepe. They're unbelievably good.

Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to go back. However, my wanderlust adventure continues!

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