A Gym Girls Secret To Perfect Eyeliner.. even after a workout!

Gym Bunnies Hussle Up.. Lets Talk Make-up 

Sweat and Make-up do not usually go hand in hand, we all know that, but I've got a secret which will save you the trouble of worrying. I promise, its worth a read!!

Im sorry to say it girls, but I am not one for taking off all of my makeup before going to the gym. Often my gym schedule fits in around University lectures or after a long day out somewhere or working so generally its down to lack of time that I don't take it off.

Don't get me wrong though, on a day to day basis, I only really wear eyeliner, mascara and a bit of eyebrow shaper so there wouldn't be much to come off anyway! - but, every gym girl knows the disappointment and annoyance of having perfect eyeliner and it running down your face after a heavy sweatathon in the gym.

BUT WAIT.. this is where my secret of perfect eyeliner pre and post gym comes in. SEVENTEEN's Tattoo me, semi permanent eye-liner comes in 2 colours. I personally prefer the plain black, but both are amazing. 

The 48-hour wear really does stick to its guarantee, its waterproof so if you're a swimmer, its great because water doesn't affect it. If you're a runner/gym go-er, it doesn't run down your face, and if you've gotta be up at a horrific hour in the morning, you can leave it on overnight and it will only need a slight touch up in the morning and will save you HEAPS of time! 

Personally, its my life saver. I have a lot of early mornings and gym or train at least 6 times a week so for me it saves me so much time and still looks great even when my face resembles a beetroot.

So lets talk price, because realistically good items rarely come cheaply. 
Lucky for us however, this one is one of the rarities that is very modestly priced. Usually at a grand total of £4.99, the little gem will last up to 3 months! - you would be silly not to try it.

You can find this eyeliner in Boots and any other stores which stock SEVENTEEN.

So there you have it, my perfect post-gym eyeliner secret! 

My daily eyeliner shape:
- thin with a flick (the brush makes it super easy to apply a flick to the end of a perfect line over your eye!)

*Heads up: Boots usually have great offers on make-up so keep an eye out! - I bought 3 for the price of two and then had enough points on my card to pay for one of them anyway. A definite YAY moment for me!

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