A Little Motivation Goes A Long Way..

My Motivation Mojo

Everyone wants to look good in the gym, but we all know that it takes a great deal of motivation just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone to actually go for a run or to the gym.

Personally, the have found a sanctuary in the gym. I go when I'm sad, emotional, angry or just fed-up. I enjoy going to the gym when I'm happy too because it helps me focus and if I have a lot on my mind, it calms me nicely so I can chill in the evenings when I'm enjoying some down time.

For me, seeing progress is what keeps me going. This is where my favourite little gadget comes in.

My Fitbit:
I have the Fitbit Charge HR in Plum and I love it. Ive only got small wrists so the small fits me nicely.
I use it on a day to day basis to check my sleep pattern, calorie counts and steps walked. It had a load of other funky things on it too but realistically those are the only ones I am worried about. It spurs me on to get the best result for each day and if I can see that my calorie count is lower than usual, I will consciously eat healthier. My brain puts a big block on my desire for chocolate which is great. The same way as if I see my steps are lower than usual, I'll want to go to the gym. Every little motivational trick helps. I would seriously recommend a Fitbit to anyone, even if you download the app on your phone, that works just as well!

My other favourite motivational items are my tops.

Lorna Jane:
One of my all time favourite brands. I buy all of my stuff when I'm in Australia. The brand makes really cute gym wear like the one on the right hand side of the photo, "I run for me". I just love it, I feel great wearing them because I see people reading my tops and I can see the brains ticking as they read it. I like to think I'm encouraging others to make a change too by wearing them, after all, its nice to know you make a difference, even in the smallest ways. I am a huge fan of leading a healthy life and I'm a self confessed exercise freak. Check out the stuff, you'll love it. - and the sales are so good so keep an eye out.

One of the nations most loved brands; and mine. I am guilty of being a Nike lover. One of my best friends bought me this top for my birthday and its so flattering and comfy. They always make really nice gym wear. I am a big supporter of bargains so I am the first to hit the sales whenever Nike have one on I am always there!

Online Exclusive Gym Vests:
You can find some really amazing stuff online. Another of my best friends and fellow blogger Amy Gatenby bought me the vest in the middle. (Yes, my friends know me too well!) I am a weightlifter so I suppose I do feel like a bit of a beast when I'm in the gym, but it all helps towards looking like a beauty in the end. Anything with a motivational quote on it always inspires me to get better, be bigger and be a nicer person because everyone needs a push sometimes.

No matter where you find your motivation, keep it and use it.

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