My Travel Journal

Welcome to the world of written memories, scribbles and note jotting!

I have been going on holidays for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough when I was younger that my family had friends and relatives all over the world so naturally we followed them around which meant I was able to experience some amazing places and gain an understanding of different cultures at a really young age. 

These sorts of experiences shaped who I am and gave me a real sense of appreciation that I was extremely lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends, and with that, opportunities that not everyone had. It made me realise that outside of my comfy little english bubble, there were real people with real struggles and some unexplainable natural wonders that I just HAD to explore. 

Hello wanderlust. 

For my 21st birthday a friend of mine bought me a travel journal. 

Before then, I had never really thought about writing down my travel experiences and instead, lived by taking photos and remembering and reliving memories that way. Photos are great but realistically if my iPhone was to be stolen or had a freak accident, I would've lost them all! - That thought scared me.

Recently, whilst on my travels around Australia I realised that there were so many things that I could easily forget simply because a) my phone doesn't go underwater and, b) phones get really hot in the Aussie heat so leaving it in the car while we swam in the sea seemed like a better option, so remembering my little book at home, I made a promise to myself to write.

Upon my return, I took a pew and started. I realised that all the little quirky jokes told over a drink on the beach and the incredible occasions where photos just couldn't quite capture the magic, could all be explained in my own little way in a book, and I could remember them forever.

I was never one of these kids who wrote in a diary or in annuals but I've really taken to this and found a love of writing through it. 

My wonderful world of wanderlust and all of my adventures are all contained in my lovely little leather journal.

It's not for everyone, but if you're an avid traveller like me, give it a go! - you might find a new passion.

Good Luck Travellers x


  1. I loved this post! It's so interesting to read, I loved the photo xxx

    lovely post,
    Daizy from|

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I literally adore my journal, would be so lost without it!


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