The Eagerly Awaited Birchbox; January Pinterest Box!

Well we all love a little surprise through our post box once in a while..

So why not treat yourself to a Birchbox? 

I was always one of those people who wanted to try a subscription but living on a student budget never really allowed it.. until I found a cheeky little subscription deal online. So, I did what any normal person would do if it was coming up to their birthday and I treated myself.. Because why not.

So how does Birchbox work? 

Well, after paying and signing up, there's a few boxes to tick and preferences to chose but after that it's pretty much a monthly game of pass the parcel.. But obviously it always lands on me! 

It's essentially a little bundle of makeup and goodies in a cute bag and box with a few added extras, which keeps a little smile on my face and makes me a little happier! (Especially around exam and assignment season!) - they even send you an email update telling you your box is on its way!! 

If make up's your thing then definitely check it out. There's the option of ticking what interests you too when you sign up so you may be lucky and get some fab fitness, homeware or yummy stuff in there too! 

I love the anticipation and excitement of getting these in the post. It's like a year long happy birthday to me from me pressie! How wonderful.

Just to make you all want one even more, I thought I would let you know what I got:

1. Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin (Makeup remover mini)
2. Cute Birchbox mirror - because well who doesn't need a handy little travel mirror? 
3. The lash supercharger - Benefit, They're real tinted primer (Lash primer, Brown mini)
4. The hair multi-tasker - beauty protector. Protect & Detangle (Leave in conditioner mini) 
5. The shower invigorator. Rituals T'ai chi foaming shower gel (mini)
6. The foolproof liner. Eyeko fat liquid liner  in black. (Full size)

*Stayed tuned for more about Birchbox in the coming months!*

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