Saturday, 27 February 2016

Outfit choice: 26.02.2016

Make-up choice:
 I went for my usual casual makeup choice with a flash of Maybeline orange lipstick.
My hair had decided to be particularly fluffy and was just not working with me!

What am I wearing here?
- Black ripped jeans, Zara
- Black glitter platform shoes, New Look
- Khaki Trenchcoat, Zara

My favourite clothing item?
- My Zara trench coat was an absolute bargain!! It was £29.99 in the sale and is my absolute favourite. Its suede material and is super comfy!

Under my coat?
- White blouse with black tassel detailing, H&M

*my glasses are rayban and are prescription (I'm blind without them), and the little purple band is my Fitbit.

Much Love 

Why I Choose Cruelty Free..

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Why do I aim to be cruelty free? 
Let's talk animals!

I am a HUGE animal lover, always have been and always will be! 
I grew up caring for and being surrounded by animals on my grandmothers farm as well as having many pets as a child.

I love my doggie cuddles as you can see below, and surprisingly enough, I am actually allergic to the majority of animals.. but it does not stop me loving them!

I once made friends with an orphan lamb called Nipper when I was younger. I can honestly say that I felt from that moment onwards that he was far too beautiful to be on my plate and since the age of 6 I have had an understanding that I did not need to eat animals, I needed to care for them. I have not eaten lamb in over 17 years! (yes I was a stubborn child!)

I like to think that the majority of people find it hard to watch any thing, animal or human, suffer, however, many people are unaware of the fact that animals are tested on and used for things like coat trimmings.

The particular issue I have with a lot of makeup, countries policies and clothing brands is the unnecessary willingness to hurt animals for no real reason. 

I myself do not eat red meat or any meat product that has come from what I deem to be a cruel source and try to stay away from factory farmed/caged products. I eat a lot of free range eggs and fish which has been ethically sourced (wild caught/pole and line caught) and veg.. I LOVE VEG!
Genuinely, I feel healthier since doing so which is also a plus! 

I am not however going to force that on anyone else! I appreciate everyone has their own views and opinions and I respect that. I cannot expect every person to love animals the way I do, and to be aware of everything that I am. 

I will not preach to anyone unless they ask, I will not be judgemental or give hate to anyone because they may not share my views but I will sign petitions and support those who protest and create petitions.

I don't believe it is the right thing to do to force your own personal views on anyone simply because you could be insulting religions/cultures/people by doing so and that in itself is just as cruel.

I do however adore Lush products. They are one of my favourite anti-animal testing brands! 
These wonderful creations are not only cruelty free but are also all natural too so they do wonders for your body! 

The cruelty free product industry is growing fast and it is not hard to find fantastic animal friendly products. My recent post on treaclemoon features vegan/vegetarian products!

I will always try my hardest to be aware of which brands choose to involved themselves with the fur industry and vivisection. The fur industry makes me extremely sad, I find it difficult to sleep sometimes if I've watched a video on the dog meat trade, vivisection or fur industry.. anything actually, that includes animal suffering.

My Mumma is my biggest hero and inspiration. She does not force her views down people's throats but does peacefully participate in petitions and protest marches in London and surrounding areas. She is a vegan and has always taught me to be kind to all animals and people. I think she is the reason why I am such an animal lover, but I wouldn't change it for the world. She's just a beautiful human being!

So that finishes my little blog post. I hope you've enjoyed it!


Marshmallow bath & shower gel review!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

As I've said before, I LOVE this brand! 

They supply amazing bath and shower gel in all sorts of dreamy scents. 

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the marshmallow bath and shower gel and my goodness is it wonderful!

The smell is divine and it made my skin so soft after coming out of the shower. 
It creates gorgeous scented bubbles in the bath too if you fancy a change!

These little bath treats are definitely not to be missed. The best thing yet is that you can even personalise them on the Treaclemoon app which you can download to your phone.. And yes you can order too! 

These products are all vegan and vegetarian so for all of us cruelty free buyers, we're safe, go ahead and shop till you drop! 

Great present idea! 

Treaclemoon App review!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Treaclemoon.. If you haven't heard, is a wonderful brand which creates and supplies yummy flavoured bath and shower gel.

Some of these flavours include marshmallow, coconut, honeycombe and vanilla! 

All of these are a definite must have! They completely transform your bathing or showering experience and the best thing is, the new app they've released allows you to customise your own! 

As you open the app, you are greeted with this wonderful little page below, from then on, it's all super easy to figure out! 

This cute little app means you can personalise these wonderful bottles for great pressies or even just a reminder of a wonderful time or place accompanied by the chosen smell. 

Once you click 'create your own' it takes you to the design page which is set out simply enough so that even the biggest technophobe could understand it! 

The end products are great. Here's a few of mine! 

This one is my holiday themed one, I imagine this one being the coconut smell! 

This one is for my relax time. It would definitely be the marshmallow flavour! 

The app really brings out a little creative side and with the opportunity to own what you create, well, it's just great!

Definitely worth downloading!

There's also fab competitions which crop up on the app so they are a must to enter! 

Happy designing!! 

Nutribuddy review!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

As most of you know, I am a big fitness and health freak. 

I LOVE trying new products. I am always on the hunt to test new ones out to see if they work better for me than what I've previously tried. 

I am on my second week of trying the new Nutribuddy pack and I am in love. 

I have the vanilla flavour and it tastes amazing. (They also do chocolate flavour too so if you need your chocolate fix for the day, get this flavour and you'll be sorted!!) 

The texture is really smooth so there's never any bits in it, and the bottle is so handy and chic. The design on the bottle is so nice and definitely makes a welcomed change from the regular shakers which usually don't fit in my little bags. They shake really well which is great too! 

The pack also comes with two sets of small pills which are called 'hunger fix' and 'multivitamins'. 

Hunger fix is great if I'm on the go and especially great because I am always hungry! I can never seem to curb cravings or hunger but these pills have been doing a great job! 

The vanilla flavouring is great too because it curbs my sweet tooth craving throughout the day. 

Multivitamins, as everyone knows are great for keeping your immune system high and for overall health management so these are just fab! 

So far I have lost 3lb since starting the protein. I have one shake a day, 3 hunger fix tablets (one before every meal) and a multivitamin tablet in the morning.
Personally, it's working great for me, so I would 100% recommend it to anyone in search for a new great product to try. 

You can of course buy it all seperately or in a wonderful pack such as the one I have! 

Find these guys at the link below:

Valentine's make up of the day!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

We all like to look nice and impress for events and meals out, but it doesn't have to take forever! 

For my Valentine's weekend I chose a classic minimalist look. 
It took me 20 minutes.

I've never really been one for heavy makeup but I thought I would go for bright red lipstick to complement my outfit for the day. 

I always have a flick as my eyeliner regardless the occasion but this time I used a thinner brush to apply it and used volume mascara to make my eyelashes look longer and thicker than usual. 
I have been doing the eyeliner flick for years so naturally it doesn't take me that long to perfect which is great when I'm in a rush! 

I used a light matte foundation with contour blusher and light nude pink eyeshadow. 
I am naturally very pale so generally the colours I wear are ones that won't make me look orange but I do like to use a slightly darker shade around my cheek bones to enhance them.
The contour blusher I use it just fantastic, I would recommend it to anyone after a good contour blusher set!

I don't usually spend a lot of money on my make up either, unless it was a present, so generally my make up is affordable too!

What were the products I used? 
1. Eyeliner: Tattoo me, Seventeen eyeliner
2. Mascara: Extra sculpt volume mascara, Kiko 
3. Lipstick: Mac red, MAC
4. Foundation: Mat foundation in Ivory, Kiko 
5. Blusher: Diorblush sculpt, Dior
6 Eyeshadow: Nude pink, Kiko

My Valentine's Weekend!

So I thought I would do a post on what I did for Valentine's weekend.

I was lucky enough to be surprised with corporate hospitality tickets to the Newcastle Falcons vs Leicester Tigers match on the 12th.

If you know me, then you'll know I LOVE rugby! I grew up playing and loving it so this was fantastic! 
We were greeted and taken up to our table which was set out ready for a feast and lots of alcohol as well as some exciting 'guess the score' prize contests to get involved with. 

There was match beer included in our package so the boys all tucked into those but I myself prefer wine so I started with a glass of lovely merlot! 

We continued chatting until it was supper time.
In good old rugby style it was curry.
4 different types!! Great for me as I don't eat red meat so I had a mix of vegetarian and chicken.
It was so worth the wait! I am such a foodie and adore a good Indian. It of course came with poppadoms and naan bread but the BEST bit was the lime pickle!! - I have a really eclectic pallet so I enjoy the weirdest of foods! 

I am a dessert queen too. I LOVE desserts, so of course when they offered 4 choices I had to try 2. I'm not ashamed because I know I can eat well throughout the rest of the week and why not enjoy yourself when the opportunity arises? 

After supper, it was rugby time! 
We had great seats and it was a fantastic match. If you ever have the chance to watch a rugby match at a proper ground, I would hugely recommend it. 
It's just great!! 

The Falcons won with quite a big lead which was a great thing to happen at their home ground but overall the atmosphere, company and food made it such a fantastic time. 

On the Saturday, my boyfriend and I had booked the Valentine weekend 4 course meal at Loch Fyne. 
It was amazing! 
I love fish and Loch Fyne is just wonderful. I've eaten there before and loved it so naturally we both wanted to go there for this meal. 

It did not disappoint!! 
Our menu was amazing and the food that followed was to die for. 

I had the Duck, followed by the Cod Fillet ( without the pork belly ) and the milk chocolate and passion fruit ganache. 

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good food and fish/seafood dishes. 

Overall I had a wonderful weekend, I hope you all did too! X

My Fitness Journey.. so far!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Everyone's got one! 
(I apologise in advance for the old rubbish photos!)

Every person who decides to embark on a magical journey of weight loss and will end up with a story to tell. 
So here's mine.. 

I've always been a big girl. I've always been taller, broader and bigger than the majority of other girls (and boys). I'm not going to say fat because I wasn't fat and the word 'fat' is a cruel word. 

I inherited my dads genes in the sense that I put on muscle really well.. But I am a female and we generally store more fat than males so I was always muscular with a little chubby pouch. 

I grew up playing sport. There was no Xbox or playstation for me, I loved playing sport and being outside so I was never interested in games on computers and things. I've been playing competitive sport since I was about 6 or 7. To this day I've played well over 12 sports, getting to a high level in a few. My dad had a big part to play in this and I am forever thankful. 

My weight never bothered me growing up because I played number 8 for a very good rugby team so I needed to be bulky, but it wasn't until I had an accident and couldn't play again, that being 13.5st started bothering me. There wasn't a need for me to be that heavy anymore. I was 19 and coming to university when I found a new love for volleyball and the gym. 

This was my first 'transformation' photo. I had lost a stone. 

From this photo onwards it was a battle. By the time the next photo was taken, I had lost 1.5st and had started seeing some sweet muscular changes.

My family and friends never realised how much weight I lost until the very end when I public ally posted a progression photo. By this stage I had lost 3 stone and was loving it! 

This wasn't the end of my madness. I was addicted. Utterly and completely. I was doing two sessions a day and training on top. One big cardio session of a 10km run and a gym session with heavy weights. 

I started setting goals:
1. I wanted a 6 pack
2. I wanted a nice round bum
3. I wanted to be 9.5 stone 

I ate clean for almost a year solidly, with a tight workout schedule, following all of the latest fitness tips and making sure that I was in tip top health so injuries and illnesses didn't cause set backs. 

I ended up looking like this. 

 I was so pleased with myself. I loved it. 

Everyone was shocked at how far I had come and I was personally very proud. I was still playing my sports and training too. 

..and then I got a boyfriend. I got comfortable and put back on a little weight.. As we all do! I love him to bits and it doesn't bother me overly that I've put on a little because I know I can lose it. 

The key to success is having faith in yourself and never giving up. Commitment is essential! 
Goal setting is well needed, and as they say.. Abs are made in the kitchen so remember to eat your veggies and fruit! 

So below is my current shape, not as toned, a bit heavier BUT still happy! Being silly with my family on holiday but this is me now. Currently recovering from and injury but still eating clean and waiting to be able to run again! I've promise myself I will get back to my days of toned abs and 13% body fat, but I won't stress myself over it! 

I hope you've enjoyed my journey so far. Hopefully my next post will be on achieving another goal. 
Stay tuned! 

When Times Are Tough, Take A Selfie.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Life is too short to try and change things that can't be changed or reversed. 

However horrible it is, keep your chin up, write down some solutions and take a selfie. - or at least that's why I tell myself..
So here's my happy selfie to regain some lost confidence from my ordeal - not that I look at that happy here. I felt quite sassy!

Recently I was on the receiving end of a horrid person who momentarily turned my life upside down. 
I was burgled, and before you ask, yes they took a lot of stuff.

To me, it wasn't the fact that a person broke into my house while I was asleep and stole my stuff, it was what they took that really made me sad. The thought of being someone in your house is horrible, I agree, but I couldn't change that so I wasn't willing to dwell on it. 

Generally speaking, I'm a strong person but sometimes you just need to call your nearest and dearest and cry. 

The thief took a lot of personal items that kept my life spinning in a perfect circle on a day to day basis. 

The biggest issue I found was trying to figure out how much they had gotten away with. My university bag was stolen which included my makeup bag, tangle teasers, university work, my diary amongst other things. My coat and shoes were also stolen as well as a lot of stuff I had bought from Australia (that stuff is irreplaceable), but luckily I had more shoes and a spare coat so I wasn't shoe or coat less in the harsh northern cold! - but I didnt have a replacement make up bag and make up or tangle teasers or university work and diary so I had to come to terms with that which was frustrating to say the least. 

I am a university student so I don't have a huge amount of spare money lying about to which I could use to replace everything but I did replace some stuff. 

To help myself get over this awful occurrence, I thought I would show you all what I got. - as well as share my selfie! 

What a little gem this is! I bought this from Jolie Papier in the sale for £10!!! I love the colours and it's a lot bigger than my last one which means there's more room for some new make up I'll soon be buying! I'm a little bit obsessed with my find. 

Next, I picked up some essentials. Kiko  was my main saviour but I have managed to order some of my old make up into boots as they were out of stock so that should be here soon! Yay! Barry M's showplace mascara was a new find so I thought I would give that a go and of course the wonderful eyebrow pallet was a must! 
I have really oily skin so Kiko's Mat mousse foundation seemed like a good place to start, as well as some nude lipstick and a dark circle concealer stick. (I've been having trouble sleeping so dark circles aren't my friend at the moment!) 

PINK PINK PINK! I went with a reoccurring theme. Luckily my Birchbox this month supplied me with some cute pink stuff so I only needed my everyday eyeshadow (nude pink colours suit me best), and of course my hair saviour Batiste dry shampoo! 

And that's it for now folks.
I'm so grateful that I have this blog because at times like these, it allows me to talk even when no ones around so I instantly fee better. 

My advice for regaining lost confidence in bad situations: 
- Pick yourself up, keep your chin up!
- Write down what's wrong and some solutions
- Take a selfie 

My February Birchbox.

Shine bright like a diamond box!

I forgot how exciting it was opening up this little box of monthly magic. 

These little beauties arrive super quick, literally a day after getting the email that it's on it's way. - how fab!!!

This time round, us Birchboxers were surprised with not just one, but TWO full sized items, as well as some amazing little ones too. 

We were lucky enough to have the option to choose one of them ourselves too before our box arrived! 

So what did I get?

1. Spectrum Collections tapered powder brush (Full size): this sassy little powder brush will make your little or large make up collection dazzle with its vivid colours and soft brush tip. - I love this one so much, I'm buying the whole collection!!

2. LOC one and done shadow stick (Full size): This gorgeous eyeshadow stick is a great upgrade on the usual powder type. I chose this one in the colour 'champagne problems'. This was the pinkier colour of the two. 

3. Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster: This little jar of magic smooths and softens your skin whilst also giving it a needed kick of Vitamin C.

4. Ayres body butter in Patagonia: Body butter to die for! It is so soft, non-oily, seeps into your skin in no time and leaves it feeling and smelling amazing! 

5. theBalm cosmetics, fray boy blush/shadow: A super concentrated little book of pink. Everyone loves a bit of blush and this stuff is just amazing. 

6. L.Erickson grab and go ponytail holder: Cute little everyday essential that suits every ponytails needs! 

This great little box even came with its own little month exclusive competition, which of course I've entered. *fingers crossed*

I said it last time and I'll say it again, any girls that are after a beauty subscription box, Birchbox is the way forward! 

Stay tuned for Marchs edition! 

CAIRNS; My Top 5 Things To See

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Welcome to the Rainforest!

If you're a fan of tropical humid heat, animals, rainforests, and have an adventurous side, Cairns is definitely for you.
My time in Cairns was short but full of adventure. I absolutely loved it. I am a great believer in trying new things and experiencing all that a place has to offer. Unfortunately, this time, I could only experience a few, however, what I did experience was completely eye opening and magical. 

Since my time there was short, I thought I would whittle my experiences down to my top 5.

1. The Exotic Fruit Markets:
Where? Central Cairns
Why did I like it? I love fruit and vegetables. It is so rare in England that we can realistically get hold of even half the fruit and veggies I saw here... and the best bit was that they were all fresh and cheap. Obviously I bought three bags full!!!

2. AJ Hackett Cairns:
Where? About 20 minutes drive into the Rainforest from Central Cairns
Why did I like it? Well I didn't at first! - I am your typical scaredy cat, apart from the fact that I'm also a secret daredevil. I know, those two things together don't really mix but well, how can you expect to live if you live your life scared? - that's what I think anyway. I can't stop my fears but I can certainly try to overcome them. 
I conquered my fear of this 45metre high Minjin swing.. TWICE.
As you can see, the first time I wasn't too happy and I cried all the way to the top..

 But the second time, I laughed my way down. Once I was strapped in and had it under my belt the first time (and didn't die), I wanted to do it again and again! 
It wouldn't have been possible if my wonderful boyfriend wasn't by my side, but I did it! 
This is a great way to see some sights, when you swing forward it propels you into a position where you can see most of central Cairns and some of the vast rainforest. It is not something to miss!
Very reasonably priced also.

3.  Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands.
Why did I like it? This was where I spent Christmas Morning. A little pre-christmas lunch swim. It's an old extinct volcanic crater so the water is at a constant warmish temperature and there are no crocodiles which is a plus! It is surrounded by rainforest which makes you feel completely isolated, almost like you're in a different world. Magic.

Everyone needs a swim selfie! 

4. Karunda Rainforest Markets- The Little Village in the Rainforest.
Where? 25km North of Cairns
Why did I like it? It was completely unexpected. It was the cutest little place, completely hidden in the Rainforest. There were quaint little stalls selling a variety of things from aboriginal art to pancakes and coffee. I didn't manage to take any photos as I was completely in awe of this little place but it is situated about half way up the mountains in the far of the photo below. We had a cute breakfast here in one of the little cafes. It was superb.

5. Cairns Esplanade:
Where? Central Cairns
Why did I like it? The Fruit Bats!! We heard the locals talking about the flurry of fruit bats which appear around dusk and we just had to see what they were talking about! We didn't realise the extent to which it would happen. We were just sat on the esplanade enjoying the views and the sky literally came alive. Hundreds of fruit bats took to the sky. I love fruit bats, they're absolutely harmless to us and super cute, but it was amazing to just sit and watch them go about their nocturnal lives. I was content just watching them until the last ounce of light had disappeared from the sky. 

That rounds off my top 5. There were so many more but, I hope you've enjoyed reading this quick little blog and if you do visit these magical places, I hope you feel the same as I did when I went! 

WESTERN AUSTRALIA; A Pommes Journey To The North.

If you like it hot and dry, you'll love it here!

Welcome to my travel diary entry #2. I visited Australia this christmas and had the absolute time of my life. All of these photos were taken as we made our way up in our little camper van from Margaret River in the South, to Exmouth Bay in the North.

 It never became apparent to me that a person could feel every single emotion grouped together in one day until I went campervanning. When you say to people you are going campervanning up the coast in Western Australia, you tend to be struck with two emotive responses: 1. OMG, you will have the best time ever, and 2. Are you sure you don't want to fly?

The first of these responses I felt as soon as I landed in the country. The heat physically hit me walking out of the airport and I instantly felt a sort of excitement I have never experienced before. Right then I knew that the next 5 weeks were going to be the most magical 5 weeks I had ever experienced.

Around 5 days in, we realised why people mentioned flying.. The roads that people say "seem to go on forever", literally DO go on forever, about 350km of forever on the same long road.
We did survive. 48 degrees was the hottest it got when we were travelling and even after the hundredth game of 'spot the animal', morale was high because the possibility of what was to come was the most exciting thing of all!

We started our 10 day journey in Margaret River.  Although only having two days here, we crammed it full of exciting things. Margaret river is known for its wine, so typically, we did a wine tour! This gorgeous little winery below is Watersheds. Here, we drank some of the BEST wine we've ever had. We had some added extras on our tour too. Cheese, nougat, chocolate and venison farm tours were included, as well as a drop off at a local brewery on the way back for a quick cooling beer. I would fully recommend Cheers Tours if you're going there. They're great!

As you can see.. we tried a lot of wines, and with it an early hangover announced its presence. I've never experienced a hangover at 4pm before but it was definitely worth it!

Our second stop was a little free campsite called Lake Indoon. It was just what we needed! Working facilities and just a sweet little stop off point. Great little place to recuperate for the long journey that awaited us.

Over the next 8 hours we eagerly anticipated what would lie ahead. We stopped off to see the pinnacles which were basically massive stone formations in a yellow desert. Although not much happens there, it is definitely thought provoking. Still now I think to myself on occasions, "how did they get there?"

Thinking aside, our next mission was to reach Monkey Mia with enough time for a swim! That journey was a trek! Monkey mia is situated in the middle of a little boot of rock that sits off the coast of Northern Western Aus. This was by far one of my most favourite places.

We were attracted initially by the thought of wild dolphins. I am a huge animal lover and the thought of seeing these beauties in the wild was more than enough of a reason to drive all that way. Our campsite was clean with loads of wonderful facilities and a great restaurant where we ate breakfast and I was treated to a lovely dinner. Food was unbelievable, but the best thing by far was the morning dolphin feeding. You are all asked to stand a few feet away from the water and are invited individually to go and feed them. It was absolutely magical. You are asked not to touch the dolphins and leave them once they leave in the morning but they always come back in the evening and if you just sit in the sea they swim around you which is just the most amazing thing ever. (There was a newborn baby this year.)

On our second day in Monkey Mia, we decided to be adventurous. We hired a few kayaks out and go kayaking around Shark Bay. The kayaks were super cheap to rent at $30 for a full day! Applying suncream every minute saved my skin but kayaking next to sharks and rays was more than worth a little redness.

The next leg of our journey took us to Coral Bay. It took us another 6 hours from Monkey Mia and was by far the most annoying journey as we effectively had to drive back on ourselves for an hour before going north again. It was all worth it by the time we got there. We had a beach view from our camper van and the excursions were beyond belief. We chose to do the turtle sanctuary snorkelling. 
We snorkelled with wild turtles and visited Ningaloo reef which was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. This is not to be missed!

Saddened by our leave from the amazing Coral Bay, we decided to take a detour on our way back South and visit the Hutt River Province. Certainly an odd experience and much less exciting that the previous days, but nevertheless it was a must for us as the 'Prince' of Hutt River Province is very poorly and so soon it shall cease to exist as he is not able to pass on claimed rights to his heirs. We skipped out early from the tour as we had gotten our visas stamped and were keen to visit our next destination!

We carried on our travels, and found what we were after. A pink lake. In a place like Australia, anything goes! Until that day, we could only dream of what a pink lake would look like, but here it is in all its pinky glory. It did smell a bit but that was because the pink in the lake was actually alive in little algae form. The smell did not detract from the magic that swished before us. You can find this little beauty on maps but it isn't well sign posted, with the only give away being a slight pinky tinge in the clouds from the reflecting water. It is about an hour past the Hutt River Province!

Natures Window, Kalbarri.
Easily one of the most beautiful places we went to, this one is very well sign posted but make sure to bring water because its a trek and it gets really hot!
The views over the valley are absolutely magical.

This little viewing post is natures window. There is a 3km hike you can take around the valley if you're after more amazing views. This is not one to miss by any means!

 Our last stop was glorious Perth. There is so much to do in this city. We sales shopped till we dropped, ate from the food halls, checked out all the little coffee places, visited Scarborough beach; another one not to miss and we walked all the way up to Kings Park. The treetop walk is spectacular and the views are not to be missed as you can see below! 

Yanchep lagoon is also a good place to visit, we did this on our last day before heading to the airport.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Yanchep lagoon because I was too busy crying. The realisation that I was leaving this amazing place overwhelmed me and although we had a wonderful day, the thought that I would not be able to return for another few years brought about a sadness that was too heavy to ignore. 

I guarantee that if you visit this wonderful place, you'll not be dissapointed.

Australia, you took my breathe away and with you, I left a desire to return and a piece of my heart.
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