CAIRNS; My Top 5 Things To See

Welcome to the Rainforest!

If you're a fan of tropical humid heat, animals, rainforests, and have an adventurous side, Cairns is definitely for you.
My time in Cairns was short but full of adventure. I absolutely loved it. I am a great believer in trying new things and experiencing all that a place has to offer. Unfortunately, this time, I could only experience a few, however, what I did experience was completely eye opening and magical. 

Since my time there was short, I thought I would whittle my experiences down to my top 5.

1. The Exotic Fruit Markets:
Where? Central Cairns
Why did I like it? I love fruit and vegetables. It is so rare in England that we can realistically get hold of even half the fruit and veggies I saw here... and the best bit was that they were all fresh and cheap. Obviously I bought three bags full!!!

2. AJ Hackett Cairns:
Where? About 20 minutes drive into the Rainforest from Central Cairns
Why did I like it? Well I didn't at first! - I am your typical scaredy cat, apart from the fact that I'm also a secret daredevil. I know, those two things together don't really mix but well, how can you expect to live if you live your life scared? - that's what I think anyway. I can't stop my fears but I can certainly try to overcome them. 
I conquered my fear of this 45metre high Minjin swing.. TWICE.
As you can see, the first time I wasn't too happy and I cried all the way to the top..

 But the second time, I laughed my way down. Once I was strapped in and had it under my belt the first time (and didn't die), I wanted to do it again and again! 
It wouldn't have been possible if my wonderful boyfriend wasn't by my side, but I did it! 
This is a great way to see some sights, when you swing forward it propels you into a position where you can see most of central Cairns and some of the vast rainforest. It is not something to miss!
Very reasonably priced also.

3.  Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands.
Why did I like it? This was where I spent Christmas Morning. A little pre-christmas lunch swim. It's an old extinct volcanic crater so the water is at a constant warmish temperature and there are no crocodiles which is a plus! It is surrounded by rainforest which makes you feel completely isolated, almost like you're in a different world. Magic.

Everyone needs a swim selfie! 

4. Karunda Rainforest Markets- The Little Village in the Rainforest.
Where? 25km North of Cairns
Why did I like it? It was completely unexpected. It was the cutest little place, completely hidden in the Rainforest. There were quaint little stalls selling a variety of things from aboriginal art to pancakes and coffee. I didn't manage to take any photos as I was completely in awe of this little place but it is situated about half way up the mountains in the far of the photo below. We had a cute breakfast here in one of the little cafes. It was superb.

5. Cairns Esplanade:
Where? Central Cairns
Why did I like it? The Fruit Bats!! We heard the locals talking about the flurry of fruit bats which appear around dusk and we just had to see what they were talking about! We didn't realise the extent to which it would happen. We were just sat on the esplanade enjoying the views and the sky literally came alive. Hundreds of fruit bats took to the sky. I love fruit bats, they're absolutely harmless to us and super cute, but it was amazing to just sit and watch them go about their nocturnal lives. I was content just watching them until the last ounce of light had disappeared from the sky. 

That rounds off my top 5. There were so many more but, I hope you've enjoyed reading this quick little blog and if you do visit these magical places, I hope you feel the same as I did when I went! 

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