When Times Are Tough, Take A Selfie.

Life is too short to try and change things that can't be changed or reversed. 

However horrible it is, keep your chin up, write down some solutions and take a selfie. - or at least that's why I tell myself..
So here's my happy selfie to regain some lost confidence from my ordeal - not that I look at that happy here. I felt quite sassy!

Recently I was on the receiving end of a horrid person who momentarily turned my life upside down. 
I was burgled, and before you ask, yes they took a lot of stuff.

To me, it wasn't the fact that a person broke into my house while I was asleep and stole my stuff, it was what they took that really made me sad. The thought of being someone in your house is horrible, I agree, but I couldn't change that so I wasn't willing to dwell on it. 

Generally speaking, I'm a strong person but sometimes you just need to call your nearest and dearest and cry. 

The thief took a lot of personal items that kept my life spinning in a perfect circle on a day to day basis. 

The biggest issue I found was trying to figure out how much they had gotten away with. My university bag was stolen which included my makeup bag, tangle teasers, university work, my diary amongst other things. My coat and shoes were also stolen as well as a lot of stuff I had bought from Australia (that stuff is irreplaceable), but luckily I had more shoes and a spare coat so I wasn't shoe or coat less in the harsh northern cold! - but I didnt have a replacement make up bag and make up or tangle teasers or university work and diary so I had to come to terms with that which was frustrating to say the least. 

I am a university student so I don't have a huge amount of spare money lying about to which I could use to replace everything but I did replace some stuff. 

To help myself get over this awful occurrence, I thought I would show you all what I got. - as well as share my selfie! 

What a little gem this is! I bought this from Jolie Papier in the sale for £10!!! I love the colours and it's a lot bigger than my last one which means there's more room for some new make up I'll soon be buying! I'm a little bit obsessed with my find. 

Next, I picked up some essentials. Kiko  was my main saviour but I have managed to order some of my old make up into boots as they were out of stock so that should be here soon! Yay! Barry M's showplace mascara was a new find so I thought I would give that a go and of course the wonderful eyebrow pallet was a must! 
I have really oily skin so Kiko's Mat mousse foundation seemed like a good place to start, as well as some nude lipstick and a dark circle concealer stick. (I've been having trouble sleeping so dark circles aren't my friend at the moment!) 

PINK PINK PINK! I went with a reoccurring theme. Luckily my Birchbox this month supplied me with some cute pink stuff so I only needed my everyday eyeshadow (nude pink colours suit me best), and of course my hair saviour Batiste dry shampoo! 

And that's it for now folks.
I'm so grateful that I have this blog because at times like these, it allows me to talk even when no ones around so I instantly fee better. 

My advice for regaining lost confidence in bad situations: 
- Pick yourself up, keep your chin up!
- Write down what's wrong and some solutions
- Take a selfie 

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