My Fitness Journey.. so far!

Everyone's got one! 
(I apologise in advance for the old rubbish photos!)

Every person who decides to embark on a magical journey of weight loss and will end up with a story to tell. 
So here's mine.. 

I've always been a big girl. I've always been taller, broader and bigger than the majority of other girls (and boys). I'm not going to say fat because I wasn't fat and the word 'fat' is a cruel word. 

I inherited my dads genes in the sense that I put on muscle really well.. But I am a female and we generally store more fat than males so I was always muscular with a little chubby pouch. 

I grew up playing sport. There was no Xbox or playstation for me, I loved playing sport and being outside so I was never interested in games on computers and things. I've been playing competitive sport since I was about 6 or 7. To this day I've played well over 12 sports, getting to a high level in a few. My dad had a big part to play in this and I am forever thankful. 

My weight never bothered me growing up because I played number 8 for a very good rugby team so I needed to be bulky, but it wasn't until I had an accident and couldn't play again, that being 13.5st started bothering me. There wasn't a need for me to be that heavy anymore. I was 19 and coming to university when I found a new love for volleyball and the gym. 

This was my first 'transformation' photo. I had lost a stone. 

From this photo onwards it was a battle. By the time the next photo was taken, I had lost 1.5st and had started seeing some sweet muscular changes.

My family and friends never realised how much weight I lost until the very end when I public ally posted a progression photo. By this stage I had lost 3 stone and was loving it! 

This wasn't the end of my madness. I was addicted. Utterly and completely. I was doing two sessions a day and training on top. One big cardio session of a 10km run and a gym session with heavy weights. 

I started setting goals:
1. I wanted a 6 pack
2. I wanted a nice round bum
3. I wanted to be 9.5 stone 

I ate clean for almost a year solidly, with a tight workout schedule, following all of the latest fitness tips and making sure that I was in tip top health so injuries and illnesses didn't cause set backs. 

I ended up looking like this. 

 I was so pleased with myself. I loved it. 

Everyone was shocked at how far I had come and I was personally very proud. I was still playing my sports and training too. 

..and then I got a boyfriend. I got comfortable and put back on a little weight.. As we all do! I love him to bits and it doesn't bother me overly that I've put on a little because I know I can lose it. 

The key to success is having faith in yourself and never giving up. Commitment is essential! 
Goal setting is well needed, and as they say.. Abs are made in the kitchen so remember to eat your veggies and fruit! 

So below is my current shape, not as toned, a bit heavier BUT still happy! Being silly with my family on holiday but this is me now. Currently recovering from and injury but still eating clean and waiting to be able to run again! I've promise myself I will get back to my days of toned abs and 13% body fat, but I won't stress myself over it! 

I hope you've enjoyed my journey so far. Hopefully my next post will be on achieving another goal. 
Stay tuned! 

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  1. Congratulations on your amazing journey! This is so so inspiring. I just had my first session with a personal trainer and this has inspired me to keep on going!

    Deepti x


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