Nutribuddy review!

As most of you know, I am a big fitness and health freak. 

I LOVE trying new products. I am always on the hunt to test new ones out to see if they work better for me than what I've previously tried. 

I am on my second week of trying the new Nutribuddy pack and I am in love. 

I have the vanilla flavour and it tastes amazing. (They also do chocolate flavour too so if you need your chocolate fix for the day, get this flavour and you'll be sorted!!) 

The texture is really smooth so there's never any bits in it, and the bottle is so handy and chic. The design on the bottle is so nice and definitely makes a welcomed change from the regular shakers which usually don't fit in my little bags. They shake really well which is great too! 

The pack also comes with two sets of small pills which are called 'hunger fix' and 'multivitamins'. 

Hunger fix is great if I'm on the go and especially great because I am always hungry! I can never seem to curb cravings or hunger but these pills have been doing a great job! 

The vanilla flavouring is great too because it curbs my sweet tooth craving throughout the day. 

Multivitamins, as everyone knows are great for keeping your immune system high and for overall health management so these are just fab! 

So far I have lost 3lb since starting the protein. I have one shake a day, 3 hunger fix tablets (one before every meal) and a multivitamin tablet in the morning.
Personally, it's working great for me, so I would 100% recommend it to anyone in search for a new great product to try. 

You can of course buy it all seperately or in a wonderful pack such as the one I have! 

Find these guys at the link below:

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