Outfit choice: 26.02.2016

Make-up choice:
 I went for my usual casual makeup choice with a flash of Maybeline orange lipstick.
My hair had decided to be particularly fluffy and was just not working with me!

What am I wearing here?
- Black ripped jeans, Zara
- Black glitter platform shoes, New Look
- Khaki Trenchcoat, Zara

My favourite clothing item?
- My Zara trench coat was an absolute bargain!! It was £29.99 in the sale and is my absolute favourite. Its suede material and is super comfy!

Under my coat?
- White blouse with black tassel detailing, H&M

*my glasses are rayban and are prescription (I'm blind without them), and the little purple band is my Fitbit.

Much Love 

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