Treaclemoon App review!

Treaclemoon.. If you haven't heard, is a wonderful brand which creates and supplies yummy flavoured bath and shower gel.

Some of these flavours include marshmallow, coconut, honeycombe and vanilla! 

All of these are a definite must have! They completely transform your bathing or showering experience and the best thing is, the new app they've released allows you to customise your own! 

As you open the app, you are greeted with this wonderful little page below, from then on, it's all super easy to figure out! 

This cute little app means you can personalise these wonderful bottles for great pressies or even just a reminder of a wonderful time or place accompanied by the chosen smell. 

Once you click 'create your own' it takes you to the design page which is set out simply enough so that even the biggest technophobe could understand it! 

The end products are great. Here's a few of mine! 

This one is my holiday themed one, I imagine this one being the coconut smell! 

This one is for my relax time. It would definitely be the marshmallow flavour! 

The app really brings out a little creative side and with the opportunity to own what you create, well, it's just great!

Definitely worth downloading!

There's also fab competitions which crop up on the app so they are a must to enter! 

Happy designing!! 

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