Valentine's make up of the day!

We all like to look nice and impress for events and meals out, but it doesn't have to take forever! 

For my Valentine's weekend I chose a classic minimalist look. 
It took me 20 minutes.

I've never really been one for heavy makeup but I thought I would go for bright red lipstick to complement my outfit for the day. 

I always have a flick as my eyeliner regardless the occasion but this time I used a thinner brush to apply it and used volume mascara to make my eyelashes look longer and thicker than usual. 
I have been doing the eyeliner flick for years so naturally it doesn't take me that long to perfect which is great when I'm in a rush! 

I used a light matte foundation with contour blusher and light nude pink eyeshadow. 
I am naturally very pale so generally the colours I wear are ones that won't make me look orange but I do like to use a slightly darker shade around my cheek bones to enhance them.
The contour blusher I use it just fantastic, I would recommend it to anyone after a good contour blusher set!

I don't usually spend a lot of money on my make up either, unless it was a present, so generally my make up is affordable too!

What were the products I used? 
1. Eyeliner: Tattoo me, Seventeen eyeliner
2. Mascara: Extra sculpt volume mascara, Kiko 
3. Lipstick: Mac red, MAC
4. Foundation: Mat foundation in Ivory, Kiko 
5. Blusher: Diorblush sculpt, Dior
6 Eyeshadow: Nude pink, Kiko

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