Why I Choose Cruelty Free..

Why do I aim to be cruelty free? 
Let's talk animals!

I am a HUGE animal lover, always have been and always will be! 
I grew up caring for and being surrounded by animals on my grandmothers farm as well as having many pets as a child.

I love my doggie cuddles as you can see below, and surprisingly enough, I am actually allergic to the majority of animals.. but it does not stop me loving them!

I once made friends with an orphan lamb called Nipper when I was younger. I can honestly say that I felt from that moment onwards that he was far too beautiful to be on my plate and since the age of 6 I have had an understanding that I did not need to eat animals, I needed to care for them. I have not eaten lamb in over 17 years! (yes I was a stubborn child!)

I like to think that the majority of people find it hard to watch any thing, animal or human, suffer, however, many people are unaware of the fact that animals are tested on and used for things like coat trimmings.

The particular issue I have with a lot of makeup, countries policies and clothing brands is the unnecessary willingness to hurt animals for no real reason. 

I myself do not eat red meat or any meat product that has come from what I deem to be a cruel source and try to stay away from factory farmed/caged products. I eat a lot of free range eggs and fish which has been ethically sourced (wild caught/pole and line caught) and veg.. I LOVE VEG!
Genuinely, I feel healthier since doing so which is also a plus! 

I am not however going to force that on anyone else! I appreciate everyone has their own views and opinions and I respect that. I cannot expect every person to love animals the way I do, and to be aware of everything that I am. 

I will not preach to anyone unless they ask, I will not be judgemental or give hate to anyone because they may not share my views but I will sign petitions and support those who protest and create petitions.

I don't believe it is the right thing to do to force your own personal views on anyone simply because you could be insulting religions/cultures/people by doing so and that in itself is just as cruel.

I do however adore Lush products. They are one of my favourite anti-animal testing brands! 
These wonderful creations are not only cruelty free but are also all natural too so they do wonders for your body! 

The cruelty free product industry is growing fast and it is not hard to find fantastic animal friendly products. My recent post on treaclemoon features vegan/vegetarian products!

I will always try my hardest to be aware of which brands choose to involved themselves with the fur industry and vivisection. The fur industry makes me extremely sad, I find it difficult to sleep sometimes if I've watched a video on the dog meat trade, vivisection or fur industry.. anything actually, that includes animal suffering.

My Mumma is my biggest hero and inspiration. She does not force her views down people's throats but does peacefully participate in petitions and protest marches in London and surrounding areas. She is a vegan and has always taught me to be kind to all animals and people. I think she is the reason why I am such an animal lover, but I wouldn't change it for the world. She's just a beautiful human being!

So that finishes my little blog post. I hope you've enjoyed it!


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