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Friday, 25 March 2016

Coffee Caramel Choc Chip Protein Muffins!

Here's a new one for all of you sweet toothed fitness chappies out there.
I've adapted a regular recipe to one with a bit more fitness sass to get your tastebuds tingling and to FINALLY put that annoying sugar craving to rest.. AS WELL AS hitting up a lush protein fix.

I was given the fab opportunity to compete in this great competition whereby we have to make up our own recipe, put it to the test and enter it into the competition. I came up with the above muffins!
They taste fab, trust me!

My recipe:

2 scoops of coffee caramel protein
200g plain flour
100g caster sugar
60g dark choc chips
2 tbsp baking soda
120ml milk
4 tsp veg oil
1 egg

Simply, whisk it all together, stick the mixture in some cake cases and 25-30 mins later at 160 celsius in an oven.. poof, magic yummy protein muffins, ready for tasting!

If you like the sound of my muffins, please do try it out for yourself and head over to the link below and vote for meeeeee! - look out for our hashtags on twitter and on other social media sites too.. #multipowerbakeoff.

You can vote here below:


Mineral House Bloggers Event.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mineral House Bloggers Event 17/03

We all love a pampering once in a while and this particular time was no different.
On receiving my official invitation I was invited to select a special treatment for the day ahead.
I chose the aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage.
It was quite easily one of the best massages I have EVER had.

Coming from someone who is in a constant state of injury through the sheer amount of fitness-ey and sports stuff I do, having a good massage is unbeatable, and trust me.. I've tried them everywhere and had a few different types but this aromatherapy one was my first of its type.

I arrived two hours early and indulged in the swimming/jacuzzi and sauna area before retreating back to sort out myself before my eagerly awaited massage.
The swimming pool was at a perfect temperature and the jacuzzi was just wonderful.

Canapés and mocktails were next on the list.
I had a ginger beer and elderflower mocktail with a few canapés while I waited to be called in.

Finally, my name was called! I was so excited by this stage..
I stripped off, covered myself in my towel and it began.
I was allowed to choose my scent of oil which was a lavender and camomile relaxation scent.

Everything about this massage screamed luxury. 

The next 30 minutes flew by.. I fell into a deep slump of lavender relaxation with the massage pressure being perfect.
I was recovering from being super poorly as well as nursing a injured shoulder and back from various activities so I was just in heaven.

Safe to say when I was pulled out of my slumber, I felt fantastic and relaxed! 
I feel like I could have quite easily dribbled my way through it from the absolute relaxation I experienced.. Luckily I didn't!! - saved myself that embarrassment, thank goodness.

The room was warm, the bed was comfortable, the staff were fantastic and my experience was unbeatable. 
I will definitely be going back.

Newcastle's Boilerhouse Secret To Gorgeous Hair On A Student Budget..

Monday, 14 March 2016

Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.. why not!

About 6 months ago, I made a discovery that would change the state of not only my bank account, but also my hair!
During the winter months when I can't naturally allow my hair to lighten in the sun and sea, I need highlights so I don't look like I've got an ombrè gone wrong..

Most of you will understand the heartache of not being able to afford to get your hair done if you have a tight/student budget. HOWEVER, as I said before, about 6 months ago I made a discovery.. 40% off hair services on a Monday-Wednesday at a hairdressers called Boilerhouse in Jesmond, Newcastle. - they have also started doing 20% off beauty services on a Tuesday-Wednesday too!

I don't live far away from Jesmond so I thought I may as well try it.

Since then.. I have never gone anywhere else. The service is fantastic and my hair is constantly on point because of this wonderful salon. 40% really does make a massive difference to what you can afford on a tight budget! - They also do this thing called model wednesday's where a junior does your hair. This wednesday is SUPER cheap which is great for when you're having a hair disaster and literally have £25 spare! Its unbelievable.

When you arrive, you instantly notice the decor. Its gorgeous! You are then promptly greeted by wonderful friendly staff and shown to your comfy resting post. A complimentary drinks menu is sat in front of you with an array of drinks with everything from cappuccinos to wine available! - I tend to have two coffees when I go because a) I'm a coffee lover and b) the coffee is so good!

The staff are really gentle-handed which sounds strange, I know, but it makes such a difference when you've got tangled hair or sensitive scalps. The head massage is guaranteed with your conditioner too and to top it all off, the chairs in which you sit to have your hair washed, are MASSAGE chairs!!
The products they use feel fantastic and I have continuously bought from them if I fancy a new shampoo or treatment.

So what should you expect to pay? - from my experience..
On a student day: Half head highlights, Cut and Blow Dry £60 ish.
Model Wednesdays: Full head highlights, Cut and Blow Dry £35 ish.
*first cut with a model wednesdays is FREE, so its worth booking in!

Where is it?
9 Acorn Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne

I really would recommend this place to anyone after a good hairdressers and students!
I love it there and always come out feeling great, it makes my day.

*if you go, leave a review for them and you will get a free conditioning treatment (how great are they!)


Nutriplan Teatox & Matcha Tea!

It's TeaTime!

So if you're a fitness bunny like me and love to try new things, this is definitely for you! 

This teatox not only does the trick, it also tastes great which I think is a major downfall of a lot of teatoxes out there! 

In addition to my wonderful 7 day tea tox, I was also sent some matcha tea.

This is more of an acquired taste but if you're someone who can persevere because of the health benefits attached, then definitely grab yourself a pot!!

It makes you feel really clean and healthy. An added plus has to be that they've actually helped to clear up my skin! 
I suffer with oily and spot prone skin, especially in winter, so it's really been a great.. and before you ask, I know its been the tea, as I haven't been using anything on my face and I also haven't changed my diet apart from adding in these teas!

I'm a major tea and coffee fiend so if you're like me, definitely give this a go, I promise it won't disappoint.

**Apologies for the photos, they don't seem to be working with me at the moment!!**

POWpublicity Bloggers Event!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

3/03 Timberyard, Seven Dials
Covent Garden, London.

What a wonderful networking event this was!

On the 3rd of March I was lucky enough to go along to the POW publicities first ever bloggers brunch in London. 
It was my first networking event also, and I loved it! 

Amongst the gorgeous array of food, conversation flowed well between us all.

It allowed me to talk about my blog and gain a great insight into the work of this fab company, and the blogs of the lovely people around me.

I met some really lovely bloggers and gorged myself on the bounty of wonderful food and drink in front of us.

Networking events are a great way for new or even experienced bloggers to meet new people, gain new insights and make connections and friends within the blogging community.

I would recommend going along to anyone now I've been and experienced the benefits first hand!

I feel I should write a little about the wonderful cafe where it all happened..

Timberyard in Covent Garden is a great little cafe to organise meets or even to just sit and chill over a coffee or to do your work. The food is scrumptious and the coffee is perfect! (That's a huge statement coming from a coffee lover like me!) - they have great little meeting rooms downstairs out of the flurry of cafe life which is great if you need somewhere chilled and secluded to chat.

From the chat, I picked up that there WILL be more of these networking events so keep a keen eye out and give these guys a follow on Twitter to keep up with the new events!! 

My favourite face mask!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Let's talk face masks!

Every girl loves a good pamper and I am no different. 
For an early Mother's Day treat I told my mum I would put on a pamper evening for her and of course, I had to visit Lush cosmetics! 

I have naturally very oily skin and struggle to find good face masks that won't aggravate my skin.. BUT, I have found my facial mask messiah! 

This pot of wonderful-ness and joy not only scrubs your face which reveals a wonderful layer of fresh and soft skin but it also has natural plumping properties as well as smelling gorgeous. 
It isn't oily and I genuinely enjoyed having it on my face. 

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has acne/spot prone skin or oily skins too. It's done wonders for scarring on my face!! 

You can find this in any lush store so head down and grab a pot if you fancy it. 
(There's loads in it, so one pot will last you a while!! - a big pot of it only cost me £12.95 which is really reasonable for something like 10-15 face masks)

*I apologise for the poor quality photos, the lighting was awful!

Nothing BUT.. Review!

Nothing BUT snacks..
Essentially a wonderful alternative to unhealthy snacks.
I was lucky enough to be sent these fabulous little bags of yummy fruit and veg.

Not only are these little bags full of vegetarian and vegan goodness but they're also great for a healthy snack in between meals. 

My favourite flavour by far is the strawberry and banana. I have a particular sweet tooth but I know someone with a more savoury tooth may prefer the sweet corn and pea or pepper and mange tout flavours. 

Inside these bags are freeze dried veg and fruit which will fill that gaping empty stomach feeling in between meals. Above are all of the current favours available so choose wisely, OR, alternatively try them all and choose your favourites!

If you're looking for a healthy snack alternative or a vegan/vegetarian option, these are definitely a must buy! 

Check them out at:
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