Mineral House Bloggers Event.

Mineral House Bloggers Event 17/03

We all love a pampering once in a while and this particular time was no different.
On receiving my official invitation I was invited to select a special treatment for the day ahead.
I chose the aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage.
It was quite easily one of the best massages I have EVER had.

Coming from someone who is in a constant state of injury through the sheer amount of fitness-ey and sports stuff I do, having a good massage is unbeatable, and trust me.. I've tried them everywhere and had a few different types but this aromatherapy one was my first of its type.

I arrived two hours early and indulged in the swimming/jacuzzi and sauna area before retreating back to sort out myself before my eagerly awaited massage.
The swimming pool was at a perfect temperature and the jacuzzi was just wonderful.

Canapés and mocktails were next on the list.
I had a ginger beer and elderflower mocktail with a few canapés while I waited to be called in.

Finally, my name was called! I was so excited by this stage..
I stripped off, covered myself in my towel and it began.
I was allowed to choose my scent of oil which was a lavender and camomile relaxation scent.

Everything about this massage screamed luxury. 

The next 30 minutes flew by.. I fell into a deep slump of lavender relaxation with the massage pressure being perfect.
I was recovering from being super poorly as well as nursing a injured shoulder and back from various activities so I was just in heaven.

Safe to say when I was pulled out of my slumber, I felt fantastic and relaxed! 
I feel like I could have quite easily dribbled my way through it from the absolute relaxation I experienced.. Luckily I didn't!! - saved myself that embarrassment, thank goodness.

The room was warm, the bed was comfortable, the staff were fantastic and my experience was unbeatable. 
I will definitely be going back.

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