My favourite face mask!

Let's talk face masks!

Every girl loves a good pamper and I am no different. 
For an early Mother's Day treat I told my mum I would put on a pamper evening for her and of course, I had to visit Lush cosmetics! 

I have naturally very oily skin and struggle to find good face masks that won't aggravate my skin.. BUT, I have found my facial mask messiah! 

This pot of wonderful-ness and joy not only scrubs your face which reveals a wonderful layer of fresh and soft skin but it also has natural plumping properties as well as smelling gorgeous. 
It isn't oily and I genuinely enjoyed having it on my face. 

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has acne/spot prone skin or oily skins too. It's done wonders for scarring on my face!! 

You can find this in any lush store so head down and grab a pot if you fancy it. 
(There's loads in it, so one pot will last you a while!! - a big pot of it only cost me £12.95 which is really reasonable for something like 10-15 face masks)

*I apologise for the poor quality photos, the lighting was awful!

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  1. I adore the smell of this face mask! It's my go-to face mask for a pampering

    lovely post,
    Daizy from|


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