Nutriplan Teatox & Matcha Tea!

It's TeaTime!

So if you're a fitness bunny like me and love to try new things, this is definitely for you! 

This teatox not only does the trick, it also tastes great which I think is a major downfall of a lot of teatoxes out there! 

In addition to my wonderful 7 day tea tox, I was also sent some matcha tea.

This is more of an acquired taste but if you're someone who can persevere because of the health benefits attached, then definitely grab yourself a pot!!

It makes you feel really clean and healthy. An added plus has to be that they've actually helped to clear up my skin! 
I suffer with oily and spot prone skin, especially in winter, so it's really been a great.. and before you ask, I know its been the tea, as I haven't been using anything on my face and I also haven't changed my diet apart from adding in these teas!

I'm a major tea and coffee fiend so if you're like me, definitely give this a go, I promise it won't disappoint.

**Apologies for the photos, they don't seem to be working with me at the moment!!**

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