POWpublicity Bloggers Event!

3/03 Timberyard, Seven Dials
Covent Garden, London.

What a wonderful networking event this was!

On the 3rd of March I was lucky enough to go along to the POW publicities first ever bloggers brunch in London. 
It was my first networking event also, and I loved it! 

Amongst the gorgeous array of food, conversation flowed well between us all.

It allowed me to talk about my blog and gain a great insight into the work of this fab company, and the blogs of the lovely people around me.

I met some really lovely bloggers and gorged myself on the bounty of wonderful food and drink in front of us.

Networking events are a great way for new or even experienced bloggers to meet new people, gain new insights and make connections and friends within the blogging community.

I would recommend going along to anyone now I've been and experienced the benefits first hand!

I feel I should write a little about the wonderful cafe where it all happened..

Timberyard in Covent Garden is a great little cafe to organise meets or even to just sit and chill over a coffee or to do your work. The food is scrumptious and the coffee is perfect! (That's a huge statement coming from a coffee lover like me!) - they have great little meeting rooms downstairs out of the flurry of cafe life which is great if you need somewhere chilled and secluded to chat.

From the chat, I picked up that there WILL be more of these networking events so keep a keen eye out and give these guys a follow on Twitter to keep up with the new events!! 

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