Blogger Hangout Event, Teaparty!

04/04/16 - What a wonderful event this was.

If any of you have ever been to a Bloggers Hangout event, you will all know how great they are.
Having unfortunately missed the London Fashion Week event, I thought I just had to go to this one.

Having taken the recent move to adopting a somewhat vegan diet, I was delighted to see that there were vegan friendly brands going! - *I say 'somewhat vegan' because I still eat fish, but no dairy, eggs or meat, so I suppose I'm a pescevegan? (if they even exist, haha!)*

It was being hosted by Popup Patio, about a 2 minute walk from Moorgate underground station so it was super easy to find, which was great! - I'm quite lucky anyway because I grew up within a stone throws reach from London so I find it quite easy to navigate.

ANYWAY, as we entered the delightful little patio space, we were greeted by two lovely ladies and continued in towards the array of food stands. 

We first approached Chickas. This really appealed to me because I love nuts. Not only are these guys ethical but they are also vegan which is fab. They gave us loads of tasters as well as a cute bag of peanuts which we munched on the way home. 

I really enjoyed talking to all of the brands at this event because they all seemed so genuinely passionate about their brand which was just great. They also all took a great interest in us as bloggers which is always gratefully received because it can build fab relationships between bloggers and brands.

The second stall we approached was Jakes Boost. Instantly, I liked it. I LOVE Nut Butters of all sorts, as in actually obsessed and the guy who spoke to us was just lovely. He was super passionate about the health benefits of his Nut Butter as well as supplying Apple Crisps as an alternative to bread which is fab and absolutely delicious! What a great idea. 

Cocoaden was next! Although I couldn't eat any of the chocolate, the designs and craftsmanship of the chocolatier was amazing. My favourite were the skulls.

The one brand that really caught my attention was Just Bee Drinks. Although all of the brands were wonderful and delicious, it was the anterior motives of these drinks that really excited me. 
Bees are so important to our ecosystems and this brand actively incorporated their love for saving the bees with a passion for making healthy drinks. They really were something! As well as tasters and sample drinks, they gave us some wild flower seeds specially for attractive bees to your garden. These have been planted already. I have to say, Im slightly in love and in awe of these guys.
(as you can see, I was so side tracked talking, I forgot to take a photo! - oops)

Mead Ho were another interesting company. Ive never experienced mead before, especially not honey mead. Im not a great drinker myself but I actually really enjoyed this. 
The taste was subtle and sweet with a kick of Ale like flavour, a definite summer drink for anyone wanting a sweet healthier alternative to modern day super sugary ciders.

Pics Peanut Butter was the last stall I visited. This again, was great. I loved the taste as well as finding out all of the healthy information from the lovely lady who spoke on behalf of Pics.
A definite must for all peanut butter lovers out there.

I was really pleased I went to this event and I honestly can't wait for the next one!

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