Ladies weights are good for you; and no you will not turn into Arnold Schwazenegger!

GYM 101...

Since I was a young girl, I have always been into my sports, and with that, I have always been muscular. I am not build to be a ballerina. Even when I was at my skinniest, I was still noticeably muscular, but that isn't a problem and it didn't bother me.

In society, women are judged for being every size and shape. With these judgements comes bad press, especially for women like myself who indulge in a good weights session regularly. 

The idea that a woman will look like a bodybuilder after doing one weights session is absurd!
It takes years of hard work with a strict dedication to the gym and fitness and horrific diet plans to look like a bodybuilder.
I have been approached by many women who are after the 'perfect figure'.
In societies mind, this 'perfect figure' is, big bum, thin toned legs, tiny waist with big boobs. 
Looks great, I agree.. but the photos are often enhanced or the women have had surgery of some sort.

* I am slightly more muscular at the moment than I am in these photos. - these were taken a while ago!

Realistically, as I have found, in order to engage your glutes to the extent that it works your muscles and increases its size, you have to use your hamstrings and often quadriceps. 
In simply terms, to get a bigger rounder bum, you'll have to sacrifice your skinny legs. 
Hamstrings are going to make an appearance if you work your glutes enough.
This isn't a bad thing! - I love my legs when they're defined and toned, but I have never played the sports that would allow me to have skinny legs. 
If like me, you've never had skinny legs, embrace what you do have and work it to your advantage. 

Second of all, when you lose enough weight that enables your abs to show, you'll be at such a low body fat percentage that your breasts will be more like pecks. This is the main reason why female body builders have breast augmentation surgery. Sorry girls, but theres always a price to pay for the body you want.

If you really want to slim down your legs but still build muscle, a well worked out regime of light - heavy weights sessions combined with a strict running routine including up hill sprints works well. 

Motivation is key to achieving your goals. 
You have to eat well, and train hard. 
Take it from me.. its hard work, but the feeling it gives you when you finally reach your goal is unreal.

** I apologise for the poor picture quality!

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