Springtime Stress; the best season for coping!


Every one of us at some stage has suffered with or from stress.
Theres no getting around it either, apart from just getting on with it and getting through whatever is stressing you out.

However, its very easy for us to just say "oh, I'll get over it.." but really it is never that easy to just get over it! 
I, like most people, hate being stressed. It does bad things to my skin as well as my head. I can't concentrate, I can't sleep and in general it makes me feel horrid.. like I need to sit in a bath ladened with candles and bubbles or go for an endless run until my legs don't work anymore.

I do find however, that springtime seems to be the easiest season to deal with stress. 
It's simplest of pleasures like the blossoming daffodils and slightly warmer weather with a more welcoming sunshine really helps.
I have my own coping mechanisms for stress in spring and I though I would share these with you.

1. Go for a scenic walk somewhere!
 I always find going a walk somewhere pretty helps clear my mind. If theres a bench along the way I often sit and just don't think. Not thinking when you're constantly over thinking is the best thing ever.
Th embankment in Bedford is my tranquil place.

2. Buy some lavender scented things.
Lavender among having a lovely scent has calming properties. I find it really helps me relax and sleep. I have trouble sleeping when I have a lot on my mind and I find this really helps.

3. Drink coffee!
Coffee calms me on a personal level, it's my happy drink. I understand coffee isn't for everyone but generally hot drinks will make you feel warm inside which helps on colder days. I hate being cold. It also contains caffeine which is great for activating your mind and keeping you awake when you need to concentrate.

4. Get some essential oils great for muscle relaxation and either have a massage or a bath!
Massages are wonderful, but baths are great too so either does the trick. I tense up massively when I'm stress. I recently bought some wonderful eucalyptus oil specially designed to soothe muscles and although its for massage, I put a few drops in my bath and it really did the trick.

5. Talk to someone or just go and give something a cuddle.
Whatever you do, don't be afraid to admit you're stressed and need a little help. I always find calling my best friends or hugging my family/dogs or boyfriend helps. My best friends are great because they know exactly what to say and how to help and well, we all know that family and dogs give the best hugs. My boyfriend is my rock on rainy days, he knows that when I'm really stressed, just sitting with me is key to my sanity. Having someone next to me while i stress my head off helps me to contain myself and gives me the opportunity to talk if I need to.

So there we are.. These are my ways of coping. I hope you've find them helpful.


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