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Brow Bliss!

I, like most girls, love a bit of a pamper session.
There's a fab feeling you get when you wake up in the morning with good eyebrows, nice healthy hair and eyelashes that are curling the right way.
In general, I really struggle with my eyebrows because I have been cursed with uneven eyebrows  which vary in different shades of ginger, brown and blonde.. I often look like I've been on a sports tour and someone has taken a razor to my eyebrows, so naturally when I was invited to the Benito Brow Bar bloggers event, I jumped at the chance to go!

I was in correspondence with a lovely representative from Benito Newcastle who very kindly allowed me to bring a plus one which was just fantastic because like myself, my friend also struggled with daily brow glamour.

On arrival we were given a brief talk about the company and were swiftly offered a lovely glass of prosecco and chocolate orange cupcakes.
As expected, they both went down well.
Next, it was treatment time (Yay)!
We both chose to have our eyebrows threaded.
The service was fantastic, and I felt, virtually pain free, which is great considering threading treatments I've had in the past at different venues had been somewhat tearful.
The threading was done so quickly that I barely felt anything, and the sheer fact that I was asked what shape I wanted was an added bonus.
It had been the first time I had ever been asked what shape I wanted my eyebrows before threading and the outcome was amazing.
The threading was done using aloe vera laced thread as to make the process more comfortable for the customer.
The extra application of aloe vera gel at the end meant that my eyebrows were comfortable and the redness was kept to a minimum which meant walking back through the city centre wasn't a worry.

Personally, I would highly recommend Benito Brow Bar as a service for eyebrow threading. I loved it that much I re-booked myself in for another service as well as the Dramatic eyelashes before a party I have coming up at the end of this month!

Another great little tip of the month: Currently treatments are half price throughout the month of September so get yourselves booked in quick for a fab dose of pamper magic with the wonderful staff!

Thanks again Benito for a wonderful event! 

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