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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Winter, a wonderful season terrible for our skin

Chapped lips, dry skin, and harsh cold spells that play havoc with sensitive faces. 

Over the years I have struggled with my oily skin so I've never really been adventurous with skin care brands, let alone ever suffered with dry skin, however, recently I've started on a course of antibiotics to try and sort out the issue. 

These pills, however great for sorting all oil troubles, do temporarily leave you with dry and sensitive skin. 
So, after a fabulous blog event with John Lewis, the wonderful team at Origins in Newcastle offered to book me in for a facial. 
Jumping at the chance, I rocked up on my allocated day, sat back and had a wonderful skin soothing time. 

Origins as a brand are fabulous. Completely cruelty free, with products teaming with glorious smells and wonderful treatments for all manners of skin types. - and the facials are incredible too!!

My personal favourites are the Dr.Weil, Ginger, Make a Difference and the Ginzeng range.

Their Dr.Weil's range has been specially formulated with Mushroom extract to help sore, irritated, red and inflamed skin, perfect for sufferers of skin issues. 
I, from time to time, suffer with eczema on my hands and the skin relief soothing lotion was perfect! 
I've been using the skin relief serum on my face especially around my lips and t-zone which is getting increasingly drier. 
My face is left feeling moisturised and silky without any oily residue left over. 
The days I forget to put it on, I really feel a difference. My skin is uncomfortable so I really would recommend this range to anyone with similar issues. 

The Ginger range. Sumptuous smells good enough all year round but hydrating enough for the winter months. 
My personal favourite is the ginger soufflé. 
It has a light texture that almost bubbles on your skin, and I certainly can feel the hydration sinking in as soon as I use it. 
On top of all of that, the smell is incredible. 
I use this on the rest of my body after a shower or bath.  I've got a little pot in my bag too to use as 'on-the-go' hand cream. 

Alongside Dr.Weil's serum, I like to use the Make A Difference overnight hydrating repair cream. This, as explained in the name, is used at night. 
It's honestly fab. My face is so soft and nourished in the morning, I'm not waking up with any cracks or dry patches anywhere. 
I use this about an hour before going to bed so it has time to sink in to my skin, it's really worth a try.

Finally, the Ginzeng range. 
Well, in particular the refreshing eye cream. 
Smells amazing and feels wonderful. 
This light eye cream is great for the days when you feel absolutely shattered, and are worried about those dark circles making a swift return.

*I have hyperlinked all of the products and the website, so swish your mouse over and get clicking to find out more!
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