Christmas stocking filler favourites!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Every year I eagerly shop for the perfect stocking fillers or 'tree presents' as my family call them. 
Although the big presents are amazing, we usually know what we're getting because they tend to be the expensive shoes we've wanted all year but couldn't afford, or that big china mixing bowl mum never wanted to buy for herself and thinks would be a great Christmas present idea.. but anyway, stocking fillers! 
How great are they? 
The little tiny surprises that make the aww's and oo's float around the room in the early morning. 
They can be as thoughtful or as funny as you like but these are the beautiful little beams of festive spirit that we use throughout the year that keep us going until our birthdays or the next Christmas (if you hoard them like I do!).

Underwear is a must! 
A good pair of socks or pants will keep you going for at least a year, and with an added bit of sparkle, you'll never feel dull in your all black trouser suit. 
Oliver bonas have some fantastic pairs of glittery socks ranging in different glittery colours for relatively little £. 

Bath stuff.. if you're a bath person that is. 
I LOVE getting bath stuff for Christmas in my stocking. It's the awkward stuff you don't want to spend money on during the year but really fancy popping in your bath after a stressful uni week or day at work. 
Joan Collins has a great new collection perfect for all of those in need of a good rewind and relax!

This is one for all the cat people. 
I am not one of them (I am hideously allergic to them) but I have many friends who are and I've gotta say, people who love cats are not like dog people. 
Cat lovers are obsessed with cats, anything and everything to do with cats will do. 
I've not come across a cat lover who isn't obsessed by cats, however, luckily enough, cat gifts are very fashionable and popular at the moment. 
Take this little cat mug from Oliver Bonas. 
Perfect stocking filler for any cat mad family members or even a little present to let your cat obsessed mate know you love them and to stay cool. 
(Btw, I don't dislike cats, they're pleasant animals to be around and very cute, my eyes just don't agree when they swell up and my throat gets super itchy, I'm actually nuts about animals)

Pamper kits and face masks
Easy to pick up and can be very cheap, but ALWAYS appreciated. 
Perfect little presents that, yet again, live in your cupboard until that horrid email ruins your work day, or your roots are so out grown and you're clinging on waiting for pay day in need to feel glamorous again.
They come in all colours, solutions, and can be found to suit all skin types. 
I picked these up from TK Maxx super cheap and they're wonderful. - do your research though especially if you're into cruelty free brands to know what chemicals to look out for. 

Lip balm - Carmex (the fave) 
Cherry flavoured Carmex.. my absolute saviour.
Perfect perfect stocking filler because it's just so fab and nourishing but also won't break your bank. 
Everyone knows about Carmex and although yeah it's just a lip balm, it's a flipping good one! 
I got this one from asos and used my student discount which meant it was even cheaper!! 
If I failed to mention earlier, I'm a massive bargain hunter. 

Nail polish.
Doesn't everyone love glittery festive nails? 
These great little gift sets last for AGES and are perfect for all occasions. 
I'm particularly loving the Leighton Denny collection because the coverage is great and the sparkles are really bright and glow well after application to the nail. 
I love the feel of freshly painted nails, it makes me feel so glamorous even on my top knot bun and lounge pant days. 

I think more than anything, The Ordinary as a brand needs a mention. 
I've never been one to fall madly in love with cult beauty products but I actually love this stuff. 
I've got the foundation, Moroccan oil and a few other oils too and quite honestly, for the way the foundation is and how fab the products are, they deserve a much much much higher price tag. 
Starting at £6 you can't really go wrong! 
Head over to asos, type the brand in and go exploring, you won't be disappointed but be quick because they are so heavily sought after it's like gold dust.

If you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute, I hope this little post will help you out, but even if you fancy a 'to me from me' gift, definitely head over to the websites mentioned above and have a snoop. You won't be disappointed! 

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas 

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