About Me

My name is Tobyn
(How do I say that? - Toe-Bin)

  I am a Clinical Exercise Physiology Msc student in the North East obsessed with healthy living, fitness and travelling.
(Wanderlust is a dangerous thing when you're a student fyi)
I'm also a qualified Associate Nutritionist after registering and completing my undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition.

      I've been into my sports for as long as I can remember and grew up with a health focussed mother. Dessert and crisps weren't a thing to me until I was old enough to appreciate that our health is important and eating too much can actually hurt us. 
I always presumed I was that hard-done-by kid with carrot sticks instead of Haribo but my body (and teeth) are thanking my parents now! So I suppose that right there is where my passion for good healthy food and fitness started. There is no new health or fitness trend I won't try, after all, it could be the next 'new thing' and it could actually work.

Rugby and sport was my first love.. and then I found Australia. 
Travelling is my hobby... an expensive one, but I often find myself overcome by the urge to discover new places and experience new things.

Did I mention I'm also a MASSIVE animal lover? I have two fur-babies in my life, regularly making appearances on my instagram! 

I have a lot of dreams. BIG dreams, but when you dream big, your pathway to making those dreams reality is often far from the straight and narrow. I always fluctuate with weight and I don't always have the finances to allow me to go to the places I want, but I know that the only person standing in my way of what I can achieve and do, is me. 

Just keep that in mind the next time you doubt what you're capable of!

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