About Me

My name is Tobyn
(How do I say that? - Toe-Bin)

  I am a Clinical Exercise Physiology Msc student in the North East obsessed with healthy living, fitness and travelling.
(Wanderlust is a dangerous thing when you're a student fyi)
I'm also a qualified Associate Nutritionist after registering and completing my undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition.

      I've been into my sports since I can remember and grew up with a health focussed mother. There was no dessert after supper or crisps in packed lunch boxes for me, always something like carrot sticks and houmous, so there, that right there is where I suppose my passion for good healthy food and fitness started. There is no new health or fitness trend I won't try, after all, it could be the next 'new thing' and it could actually work.

Rugby and sport was my first love.. and then I found Australia. 
Travelling is my hobby, an expensive one, but I often find myself overcome by the urge to discover new places and experience new things.
Don't get me wrong though, all of my travelling happens out of season of my sports, I still love to play my sports!

I have a lot of dreams. BIG dreams, but when you dream big, your pathway to making those dreams reality is often far from the straight and narrow. I always fluctuate with weight and I don't always have the finances to allow me to go to the places I want, but I know that the only person standing in my way of what I can achieve and do, is me. 

Just keep that in mind the next time you doubt what you're capable of!


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